Below and its new Explore Mode are coming to PS4 in April

Dungeon-crawler Below is coming to PlayStation 4 alongside its new Explore Mode on April 7th, developer Capybara Games has announced.

This new Explore Mode makes changes and tweaks to the core game that result in it being “more approachable for many.” Explore Mode removes hunger and thirst, makes it so soups restore health, removes one-hit deaths, makes all damage bleed damage, and more. Players who wish to experience the original version of the game can do so by selecting Survive Mode.

“Explore mode is our way of answering everyone who played Below at launch and found the challenge a bit too steep,” Kris Piotrowski, creative director at Capybara Games, said last month. “It was clear that many players were intrigued by the game’s haunting underworld and rich atmosphere, but its difficulty made the game inaccessible to some. We hope to see new players to get into Below, and for seasoned players to revisit The Isle and enjoy the game in a whole new way.”

Explore Mode will be available on PlayStation 4 from launch. PC players will also be getting the mode on the same day via an update, with an Xbox One release “following shortly after.”

Below is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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