Battlefield V’s next update ends the tyranny of the ‘m’

Battlefield V‘s 7.0 update was the last major content update, but that doesn’t mean the game is done getting patched. Update 7.1 is rolling out tomorrow, and it’s bringing with it a few quality of life changes.

The most apparent change is that the weird “m” that’s been appearing next to players’ crosshairs will be removed. It’s become a meme among the community, so it’s bittersweet to see it go. Alas, nothing good can last forever, especially on the battlefield.

Weapon fixes are also incoming. Not only is the K31/43’s accuracy issue corrected in 7.1, but the extra round that it was getting when switching scopes is being removed. The Welrod is also getting its intended “magazine” size.

UI changes are also on the docket. Character models should now fully load in for all players on the main menu screen. Cosmetics that went missing after the previous patch are now back in the Company.

Those are most of the big ticket items. You can find the rest of the patch notes on the Battlefield forums.

As for what’s next for the series, EA Play Live gave us a brief glimpse of the tech that DICE is working on, which is seemingly able to handle a larger player count and more detailed destruction. Beyond that, it seems as if the rumors about a Battlefield 3 remaster were false, as not only did the game not appear on EA Play Live, but the original “leaker” took down the video after it began to gain traction. The next time we’ll get a new Battlefield game is most assuredly in October or November 2021.

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