Battlefield V giving away premium currency to apologize to players

Battlefield V probably has a lot it could apologize for, but with a recent, seemingly innocuous gaff, developer DICE is finally putting its money where its mouth is.

After announcing that it would be discontinuing its Tides of War chapter events and would instead be shifting to a weekly rewards system as it prematurely winds down its content updates, Battlefield V launched its first standalone weekly event last week. Unfortunately, players who completed the event reported not receiving the reward, which was 100 Battlefield Currency, the game’s premium currency.

According to community manager Adam Freeman, DICE has given all Battlefield V players 200 BFC (or “Boins”) to “compensate” for yet another in a long, long list of issues the game has experienced since launch. All players need to do to claim the 200 BFC is log on to Battlefield V by June 4th.

Freeman says that the issue has been fixed so that it shouldn’t impact this week’s mission, but players who already completed last week’s mission before DICE fixed the issue won’t be getting the 100 BFC they earned from completing the mission. Battlefield Currency can be spent on Elite Soldier player skins, uniforms, and weapon skins.

The game’s penultimate update recently went live, and its last major update is expected to launch sometime in June, with rumors that there will be one new map, one map that’s being reworked to fit larger game modes, and a dozen new weapons and gadgets.

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