Battlefield is coming to mobile devices in 2022

A standalone Battlefield game for mobile devices is launching in 2022.

Battlefield studio DICE is working with Industrial Toys to bring “all-out warfare to smartphones and tablets in 2022.”

DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson clarified that the mobile title is “standalone game. A completely different game from the one we’re making for console and PC, designed specifically for the mobile platform.” The game is currently entering a testing period and will be a “fully fledged, skill-based experience.”

As for the Battlefield that’s launching this year, Gabrielson confirmed that the next mainline Battlefield game is in “daily playtesting” and that the team is focused on “polishing, balancing, and making the best possible Battlefield game we can.”

This announcement could be a good sign for Battlefield fans that are anticipating the 2021 game’s reveal trailer. Given that EA’s next earnings call is on May 11th, it’s possible that the publisher wanted to get the mobile game announcement out of the way before fully focusing on marketing for the next core Battlefield game. The reveal is expected to come within the next several weeks, ahead of EA Play Live in June.

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