Battlefield 2042’s April patch will include ‘400+’ fixes next week

Battlefield 2042‘s long-awaited April patch, Update 4.0, launches next week and will include over 400 fixes, according to the game’s community manager.

Community manager Kevin Johnson detailed some of the changes that will be included in Update 4.0 in a thread on Twitter, including fixes to how weapon attachments work, vehicle balance changes, and updates to how some of Battlefield 2042‘s Specialists function.

On that last note, according to Johnson, Specialists Rao and Paik “shall have their traits updated.” In 2042‘s lingo, a Specialist’s Trait is their passive ability. Rao’s trait spots enemies, but only if he kills an enemy infantry that he previously hacked. Paik’s trait spots enemies that have damaged her, which is thought to be one of the strongest passive abilities currently in the game. Likewise, the Specialist Sundance will see a buff, as their anti-vehicle grenades should now more accurately lock onto their intended target.

Johnson also stated that weapon attachments will “receive an overhaul” so that they feel more unique. As for vehicles, previously stated changes to how vehicles are categorized as well as “targeted tweaks to the likes of the Bolte” will arrive with Update 4.0. Voice chat and end-of-round scoreboard functionality will also be included.

What won’t be included, however, is new content. Since 2042‘s launch in November, other than cosmetic items, the game has received no new content such as maps, weapons, or Specialists. DICE delayed the launch of Season 1 until “early summer,” but all that’s promised so far is one new map and a new Specialist.

Battlefield 2042 is available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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