Baldur’s Gate 3 enters early access

An early access version of Larian Studios’ entry in the Baldur’s Gate series is now available on PC, Mac, and Google Stadia.

The early access version of the game features the complete first act, which offers roughly 25 hours of content with 46,000 lines of dialogue, 600 NPCs, and 146 spells and actions. Players can create a character from a selection of six different classes and 16 races and subraces.

The developer currently expects the game to be in early access for roughly a year, according to the game’s Steam page.

“We’ve learned that working directly with our players during development makes our games better. RPGs this large, with so many permutations, thrive from feedback as new features and fixes are incrementally added to the game,” Larian added. “Early Access gives players a chance to participate in development and it gives us an opportunity to explore different game ideas with a live community. We want to learn how you play the game and use that to make it a better experience for everyone.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 is in development for PC, Mac, and Stadia.

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