Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – On a Wing and a Prayer

One of the most memorable aspects of the Na’vi as depicted in the Avatar movies is their use of flying mounts, known in their native language as Ikran and in English as Banshees. It’s no surprise, then, that Frontiers of Pandora will allow you to bond with an Ikran of your very own.

Rather than just using your flying mount to get around, you’ll instead have a chance to connect with it on a deeper level, naming it, feeding it, and even customizing its appearance. In flight, you’ll be able to perform impressive aerial acrobatic feats, which will come in handy when you engage in midair combat against the RDA forces.

If that all sounds a bit too nauseating, don’t worry: While in flight, the camera will also shift from first- to third-person—which should make it a little easier to stomach all those loops and corkscrews.

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