Auto Chess launches for PlayStation 4 this October

Dragonest Game has announced that its chess battler Auto Chess will be making its PlayStation 4 debut in October.

The game sees players selecting chess pieces from a shared pool to create a lineup and then entering a battle phase to fight opponents automatically. Players will do battle against seven other players during a match across numerous modes, including Casual, Ranked, Fantasy Mode, and Quick Mode.

“To defeat your opponent, you also need to achieve the maximum profit with the lineup,” Dragonest CEO Loring Lee added in a PlayStation Blog post. “In addition to star levels, chess pieces also have the race and class synergies. Different chess pieces with the same race or class will trigger the corresponding synergy which help to make your chess pieces stronger and more powerful. As more and more chess pieces enter the battlefield, the player can overlap synergies, and create their own unique chess lineup.”

Auto Chess launches October 31st for PlayStation 4.

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