Atlas Fallen: Mixed-Up Melee

In many action RPGs, gaining new and more powerful weapons often comes from collecting them from defeating enemies, finding them in hidden treasure chests, or buying them from a local merchant. In Atlas Fallen, however, warriors craft their armaments from the very ground the player walks upon.

That all comes thanks to the Gauntlet, a divine item found early in the adventure. According to Deck13 managing director and Atlas Fallen creative director Jan Klose, the Gauntlet can transform sand into “solid, magical items,” and those weapons “can change their shape in an instant.”

“Your sword can become a whip, or your axe can deal a powerful hammer blow,” Klose explained. “And, you can switch between your weapon types even mid-combo.”

Crafting weapons from sand might seem like a strange way to go about things, but there’s a simple reason for that: Sand is not only the most abundant resource in the lands of Atlas, but also one of the few that remains usable. With the world in ruins thanks to both wars and over-mining, the oppressed inhabitants of Atlas have little left to use in their fight for freedom. Ironically, thanks to the incredible powers of the Gauntlet, the sand that helped thrust Atlas into such a sorry state may now be the key to mankind’s survival.

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