AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinet to see wider release soon

In recent years, the idea of owning arcade games at home has changed from a costly and difficult dream to an actual reality for fans of games around the world.

A whole host of companies have found various ways to bring the arcade experience home—from Arcade 1Up’s popular smaller-sized cabinet kits, to designs like Unico’s just-announced NeoGeo MSVX tabletop unit.

Back at E3 2019, I got the chance to check out yet another approach: AtGames’s Legends Ultimate Arcade. Rather than go for a smaller-sized solution to at-home arcade games, the Legends Ultimate Arcade is a full-sized replicate of cabinets you’d see out in the wild. And, in was seemed like an even crazier (but admittedly cool) decision, the main deck of the machine not only includes the standard stick and buttons, but also two spinners and a trackball (so games like Arkanoid or Crystal Castles could be played properly respectively). The machine also includes a plethora of options for playing games, from the 300-plus included titles, to support for certain game streaming services, to a “BYOG” option for playing your own games on the machine.

I haven’t had a chance to play the Legends Ultimate Arcade since that hands-on at E3, and it seems many other people have been in the same boat. While the machine originally launched at the end of last year, the issues with global supply chains thanks to COVID-19 impacted the ability to get more units out there.

Today, however, AtGames has announced that those supply issues will hopefully be over. Starting on August 31st, the Legends Ultimate Arcade will be back in stock in wider release through both “major retail outlets and online.” (The machine’s official website offers details on where it’ll be available.)

“We have been thrilled with the unprecedented demand for the Legends Ultimate,” said AtGames CEO Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung. “Due to the pandemic and related supply chain disruptions, we have been unable to meet that great demand. Now, with the supply chain restored, we can bring this incredible, ever-evolving platform to even more families.”

So, if you’ve been looking to pick up a Legends Ultimate Arcade, or are looking for a full-sized solution to bringing the arcade experience home, you’ll have more chances to do so later this month.

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