Apex Legends update reverts Season 6 armor value changes

Respawn Entertainment has released a new update for Apex Legends that changes Evo Armor values back to what they were in Season 5.

At the start of Season 6, the developer reduced the health that each level of armor granted by 25, meaning that Red Evo Armor only granted 200 health, instead of 225. However, Respawn has now decided to return armor values to where they were pre-Season 6 following player feedback.

“We are always striving to improve the experience in Apex Legends. Experimentation is an essential part of that. We won’t always get things right, but it’s important for us to listen and correct things when we don’t,” design director Jason McCord wrote in a blog post.

“We will keep changing the game in order to keep it fresh and interesting as the years go on. I hope that this patch proves that we are thinking deeply about our decisions, but most importantly listening to our players.”

This update also makes adjustments to the appearance of holosprays, fixes several audio issues, and improves Loba’s teleport. Read the full patch notes below:


  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Made adjustments to the appearance of several holosprays.
  • Removed an inappropriate Caustic voice line.


  • Fixed an issue with audio not playing when shooting the Devotion and Volt. 
  • Fixed an issue where Crypto’s drone in Caustic gas would play to the whole server
  • Fixed marking crafting replicators from the ship playing a “Let’s go here” VO ping.


  • Fixed an issue with Evo Shields that require exactly 100 damage not evolving when crafting the 100 points.
  • Fixed an issue with Ninja controller configuration not being able to use Replicators.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to revive a teammate when they are downed while using a replicator.


  • Fixed an issue with Dome Shield on a Sheila allowing a player to shoot through the Dome Shield.


  • Fixed an issue with the “No Mercy” finisher spamming “Boom” to the entire server.
  • Fixed an issue with amped cover walls requiring more hits from heirlooms than from normal melee to be destroyed. 
  • Fixed a server crash when Sheila is destroyed while someone is using it.


  • Fixed an issue with Hack not detecting players on Sheila.


  • Fixed an issue with the portal disappearing upon Wraith’s death.
  • Fixed a crash with Wraith’s portal interacting with World’s Edge geysers. 
  • Fixed an error when Wraith’s portal is too close to a replicator and the player interacts with the replicator.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Loba’s teleport to fail in certain areas.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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