Apex Legends update makes inventory changes, nerfs Peacekeeper, more

Respawn Entertainment has pushed a new update live for Apex Legends that includes, inventory changes, balance changes, and more.

As part of this update, the base inventory size has been increased from 8 to 10, the common backpack now expands the inventory to 12 slots, the rare backpack expands to 14 slots, and the epic backpack expands to 16 slots. However, this inventory increase is coupled with a change to stack sizes. Following the update, grenades are now single stack, light/heavy/energy ammo stacks have been reduced to 60, syringes and shield cells now stack to four, and med kits and shield batteries are limited to two in a stack.

In addition, the Peacekeeper and Sentinel have received some balance adjustments. The Peacekeeper has had its magazine size reduced, reload time increased, and blast pattern scale slightly increased. While the Sentinel’s base damage has been increased to 70 and rechamber time has been reduced.

A couple of Legends have also been adjusted, with an increase in the scan distance of Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather and a reduction in the health of Gibraltar’s Gun Shield.

Finally, a new Heirloom crafting system is now live that is designed to make it easier for players to get the Heirloom they want. Under this new system, instead of an Heirloom set dropping from an Apex Pack, shards will be awarded that can then be spent in the Heirloom shop.

Read the full patch notes for today’s update here.

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