Apex Legends Twitch Drops are now live

Respawn Entertainment is offering Apex Legends players the chance to grab six new loading screens through Twitch Drops.

The first of these community-created loading screens is available from now through June 8th. To get them, players simply need to connect their EA and Twitch accounts and then watch one hour of any of the eligible streamers for the week. However, it should be noted that it needs to be one consecutive hour of watching, so switching between streamers or closing the stream will reset the counter.

A new loading screen will be up for grabs each week until August 3rd. Be sure to check out the official Apex Twitter account for the list of eligible streamers.

“Once you’ve earned a screen and decide to boot up your game to go admire the artistry of it, you’re going to notice an odd redemption message that pops up,” the developer added. “The title will still read ‘Twitch Drops’ but the image displayed will be one for the Apex Legends Global Series and the copy will simply read ‘Unlocked.’ Dismiss this and rest assured that your shiny new loading screen will be available for you to equip.”

In other news, the Golden Gardens map from Olympus has replaced Thermal Station in the rotation for Arenas.

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