Apex Legends Season 8 has launched—here’s what’s changed

Along with the release of Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem today, Respawn Entertainment posted the full patch notes of all the changes coming along with the season.

I’m not going to go into everything—I’ll let you look over the full patch details yourself if you want the entire rundown—but let’s talk about some of the bigger inclusions.

Season 8 brings a handful of quality of life changes, and they’re all pretty good. There’s now a counter in the upper-right corner showing how much damage you’ve done during that game (though I kinda wish it were per-gun), pinning on ammo in your inventory will not only say that you need some, but show how much you have remaining (to prove that you really are in need), there’s updates to the color blind options, and “canonical” character skins will now have text boxes of lore explaining how that outfit connects to the particular Legend.

Speaking of Legends, here’s a quick run-through of specific character changes that are coming: Wraith’s hitboxes have been increased a tad, Rampart’s ultimate and walls have been buffed, Horizon sees a slight nerf to the timer on her gravity lift, Octane’s launch pads will offer more fitness when jumping, Loba can now see and snag items out of unopened care packages, Mirage’s decoys create footsteps, all of Caustic’s gas disappears if his teams is eliminated, and Crypto can no long stick an arc star to his drone.

Next on to weapons, the previous fully kitted guns are gone, replaced by random drops of completely gold R-301s, 30-30 Repeaters, Mozambiques, Longbow DMRs, and Spitfires. The gold barrel attachment has been taken out of the game, as has the Double Tap hop-up, which leaves to make way for the return of Anvil Rounds. Various weapons get adjustments, and finally, there’s a big new weapon mod that’s been added to the game: gold magazines. While they have the same capacity as purple magazines, a gun with a golden mag will have its ammo automatically refill when not your active weapon.

Source: Apex Legends official website

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