Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay trailer offers tons of juicy details

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted a mere four days away, developer Respawn Entertainment has released a new gameplay trailer that shown off a number of additions to the game.

The biggest of those, of course, is Rampart. Our Season 6 Legend is ready to light up the battlefield with gunfire, as she brings along her mounted minigun “Sheila.” While we don’t have 100-percent confirmation on this just yet, I have to assume that Sheila will be Rampart’s ultimate, given how big of a situational advantage it may be. We also are now sure on one of Rampart’s other abilities: a droppable shield that seems very reminiscent of the A-Wall from Titanfall. The question here remains if this version will offer damage amplification for projectiles when shooting through it or not.

Delve deeper into the trailer, and we find a host of other goodies to pour over. As usually, we get a look at some of the new character and weapon skins, with special mention having to go out to that stylish white Scout variant.

World’s Edge has gone through some changes, now being referred to as “World’s Edge Fortified” given what seems like a host of new defensive options added to the battleground. Another addition to both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon are crafting stations, where you’ll be able to use credits you’ve found/earned—the exact method isn’t certain yet—to purchase new gear and upgrades. It seems the items have different lengths of time they’ll be offered up, with some permanent (like health packs and Evo Shield upgrades), while others rotate out either weekly or daily.

It was there, in the quick clip of the crafting stations, where my energy weapon-loving heart was filled with joy. We already knew that this season’s new weapon would be the energy-powered SMG, the Volt, which was exciting enough. Now, however, we’re also getting the Devotion back as a standard weapon, and we’re getting energy mags back, and the Turbocharger hop-up is coming back. Energy weapons actually a proper weapon category again? Say it ain’t so!

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted kicks off a bit earlier this time around, as it’s set to kick off on August 17th at 10PM PST.

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