Apex Legends’ next event set to bring some big changes

During today’s EA Play Live 2020 event, Respawn announced the next event coming to its free-to-play battle royale shooter Apex Legends—along with a few changes that promise to potentially shake things up.

Kicking off on June 23rd, the Lost Treasures Collection Event will bring the usual collectables to the game, such as a new set of 24 premium cosmetics along with other rare skins and charms you can buy directly. The biggest of these items, though, is an all new Heirloom: Mirage’s golden statue of… well, unsurprisingly, Mirage.

The limited-time mode coming along with Lost Treasures is Armed and Dangerous Evolved, a new twist on the previously-seen snipers-and-shotguns-only mode. This time around, however, the only shields that’ll be available will be of the Evo variety.

There’s another twist to Armed and Dangerous Evolved, and that’s where things start to get interesting. In this new mode, Respawn Beacons will be totally gone. In their place will be Mobile Respawn Beacons, a new one-time-use item that you’ll be able to carry with you and throw down anywhere you want in order to bring back a teammate (unless an enemy gets to it first).

What’s especially interesting about that item is that a Mobile Respawn Beacon is exactly what some have suggested as a new ultimate ability for Lifeline. We’ve previously seen limited time modes used to test ideas for new Legend ults—specifically in the case of Mirage—so this could absolutely be a way for Respawn to see how such an idea would work out when given to the general populace.

Lost Treasures isn’t just about potential Lifeline buffs, though—it’s also about actual buffs too. While Respawn has yet to say anything about it directly, if you watch the new trailer, it sure seems like Lifeline can now drop her healing drone and have it revive a teammate without her needing to stay in that spot. If that is indeed a change to Apex Legends‘ healer that’ll be made across the board, it’ll be a potentially big buff for Miss Che.

For the full rundown of what’s coming to Apex Legends in the Lost Treasures event, check out the official blog post running down what to expect below.

Source: Official Apex Legends blog

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