Apex Legends’ Evolution Collection Event introduces Rampart’s Heirloom

Respawn has announced that a new Collection Event is coming to Apex Legends next week themed around Rampart.

The Evolution Collection Event gets underway on September 14th and introduces a Rampart Town Takeover on World’s Edge. Rampart has decided to set up her custom shop, known as Big Maude, near Lava City which comes with a paintball course out the front. Players can find materials inside the shop that can be used to purchase Rampart’s Custom Modded Paintball Weapons from the new Vend-it Machines.

Rampart is also taking over Arenas during the event. For a limited time, special discounts will be offered on modded weapons.

A new event also means a new Prize Tracker for players to complete. This time, players can earn a Lifeline skin, weapon skins, charms, trackers, and more for finishing it.

The final piece of the puzzle is the debut of Rampart’s Heirloom, which is called the Problem Solver. This wrench features a gumball dispenser in the bottom of it for a quick snack.

Accompanying the event will be a new update that makes a big change to Rampart. Following the update, Sheila becomes mobile allowing Rampart to move around while carrying the weapon. However, the spin-up takes longer and there’s only one clip of ammo available in this mode. There are also balance adjustments for Octane, the Bocek, the Hemlock, and the L-Star. Read the full patch notes here.

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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