Anthem’s Cataclysm update adds new story missions, melee weapons, more

A few months after it was originally due to release, Anthem’s Cataclysm event has finally hit the live servers.

The big highlight of today’s update is the Cataclysm, which is a limited-time event that tasks players with completing a series of randomized arenas against the clock that are full of challenges and enemies. The Cataclysm is open to all players who have completed the “Incursion” mission in the main storyline.

“Battle Vara Brom and her forces in a dangerous new game mode that evolves over time,” BioWare explains. “Teamwork is heavily encouraged as you battle against the dangerous environment and time itself, unlock secrets, and master the Cataclysm to earn all new rewards and rank up the leaderboard.”

Today’s update also introduces new story missions for players to complete and a set of Inversions that will rotate during each week of the Cataclysm. These Inversions will affect the way that players fight and include increased ultimate meter from kills, increased damage for select weapons, shield regen from kills, and more.

Another big change is the removal of the Luck stat. Following the update, Luck has been replaced with bonus armor and drop rates for Easy difficulty through Grandmaster 1 have been bumped up to be as if a player has maximum Luck. The drop rates for Grandmaster 2 and 3 have been further increased.

Other changes include a seasonal store with new cosmetic items, new Legendary and Masterwork support items, a new mobile guild app, and a revamp of the melee system, which includes the introduction of melee weapons for all classes.

Take a look at the lengthy patch notes for the Cataclysm here.

Anthem is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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