Aliens invade in Knockout City Season 4

The fourth season of multiplayer dodgeball game Knockout City begins on December 7th, developer Velan Studios has announced.

The big new addition for Season 4 is the Alien Smash Site map. An alien mothership has suddenly appeared above Overland Farms and crashed UFOs shot down by the KO City Defense Force litter the map. Alien Smash Site features small hovering saucers that players can jump on and ride around, or even use to abduct balls and other players in ballform.

Another new addition for Season 4 is the Pom-Passer Energy Drink. This new drink grants 15 XP for every HIT made by a teammate using a ball that you passed to them.

Also on the way are a new Brawl Pass, the Conflict Escalation Special Event, new themed Brawl Shop items, improved camera sensitivity options for controllers, an increased look-up angle, and more.

Knockout City is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

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