AI teammates are finally being added to Ghost Recon Breakpoint this summer

AI teammates will finally be introduced to Ghost Recon Breakpoint this summer, Ubisoft revealed in a recent developer update.

When the game launched last year, Ubisoft stated that the AI teammates found in previous entry Ghost Recon Wildlands will be returning post-launch. Now we finally have a release window. More information about how AI teammates will work will be shared closer to release.

Ubisoft also mentioned that update 2.0.5 is scheduled to release next month. The upcoming update will focus on bug fixing, including a fix for the DMR exploit that is currently in the game.

“We know that the recurring DMR exploit has had a significant impact on our PvP and Raid players,” the update reads. “We are working on a fix to address the current reproduction steps of the exploit for 2.0.5, while continuing our efforts to find a solution that will resolve the problem permanently.”

Another area that Ubisoft is working on is the Ghost Experience. The feature was introduced earlier this year and allows players to customize their game by removing levels and gear, adjusting damage, and more. The development team is currently looking at feedback gathered about the first iteration and using it to improve the feature.

Finally, Ubisoft confirmed that a new live event will be coming to Breakpoint in summer 2020. No further details were offered about the event.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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