After years of rumors, Playground Games’ Fable is finally, officially revealed

The worst-kept secret in video games was that Playground Games was working on a new Fable game. During the recent Xbox Games Showcase, it was finally made official.

A debut trailer revealed that not only is Playground Games working on Fable (not Fable 4), but it looks to be something of a reboot for the franchise. The last proper entry in the series moved the world of Albion into an industrial era, but Playground Games’ Fable looks like it’s going to be a full-on, medieval-style fantasy game once again.

“Not all stories have happy endings,” the narrator says, “but yours has yet to be written.” Sounds like a reboot to us, as well as a hint that the new Fable will hopefully retain and expand upon player choice as a many design element.

Unfortunately, the minute-long trailer didn’t show off any gameplay, which probably means it’ll be a while until we actually get to play the game. But one thing it did confirm is that Playground Games is retaining the lighthearted-ish, comedic tone of the Lionhead games that made the series such a hit in the first place.

Obviously, no release date was confirmed, but the trailer’s description makes it clear that the game is in development for Xbox Series X and PC, not Xbox One. We have to imagine that means Fable is still early in development.

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