343 is making changes to Halo Infinite’s shop prices and bundles

343 Industries plans to make some changes to Halo Infinite‘s shop this week to offer players better value for money.

Jerry Hook, head of design at 343 Industries, took to Twitter to outline the developer’s plans that will begin rolling out this week. According to Hook, the team will be “reducing pricing across the board,” offering better value bundles, and allowing players to purchase individual items outside of bundles starting this Tuesday.

“We will be trying new things throughout the rest of the season so that we can continue to learn and improve for the future,” Hook added.

In other news, Halo community director Brian Jarrard recently shared an update on the previously announced Big Team Battle matchmaking fix. Jarrard revealed that the fix is now going through Xbox certification and the aim is to have it live by the middle of this week. As a show of appreciation to players for their patience, 343 is giving all players five XP Boosts and five Challenge Swaps when the update goes live.

Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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